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Coronavirus and Personal Injury: Whiplash reforms delayed until April 2021


Author: Colin Cook

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The Ministry of Justice has announced a further delay to the implementation of the whiplash claims process reforms; until April 2021. This is the second postponement of the planned reforms within the last two months, with the delay attributed to the unprecedented impact of the disruption and pressures caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The intended reforms include increasing the small claims limit for road traffic accident personal injury claims to £5,000, meaning costs will no longer be able to be recovered for cases worth less than that amount. There will also be a fixed damages tariff for whiplash injuries that last up to two years, and a ban on making or accepting offers to settle a whiplash claim without a medical report.

Colin Cook, Hatch Brenner Norwich Personal Injury Solicitor commented: “This is good news for claimants as the reforms largely favour insurers. The delay will afford claimants with low value claims a further period of respite and access to justice until the planned reforms are implemented. I would recommend anyone contemplating making such a claim to do so without delay. We have the systems, technology and processes in place at Hatch Brenner to handle these types of legal claims remotely whilst remaining approachable, sympathetic and offering clear and straightforward legal advice.”

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Coronavirus and Personal Injury: Whiplash reforms delayed until April 2021

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