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Getting the best from your team: the Southgate way



Whilst today may be bittersweet for us English folk (or at least those of us that have anything more than a vague interest in football), the show must go on.  

In the world of work though, there may be lessons that we can learn from England’s 2018 World Cup journey. One only had to see the way Gareth Southgate congratulated and consoled his team last night to understand that this was a manager who could motivate, enthuse and inspire. This is the furthest an English team has reached in the World Cup since 1990 (which I can vaguely remember before you ask) and this has to be credited to both the management and the brilliant team spirit that the team brought to the table.

So how can this be replicated in the workplace? A manager who can get the very best from their team and a team that is willing to pull together in unity to achieve as much as is possible can drive a company forward to success. Conversely this means that managers who do not/cannot get the best from their team should be tackled and perhaps employees who aren’t team players should be managed appropriately.  

If this makes you realise that there are performance issues in your team or your manager isn’t supporting you as much as they could, please do not hesitate to contact us for practical and timely advice. The starting point is always a clear procedure and ensuring such procedures are actually followed. Email Carla Gowing, Employment Solicitor at carlagowing@hatchbrenner.co.uk or call 01603 660 811.  

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