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Hatch Brenner Solicitors supports National Road Victim Month


Author: Colin Cook

Accidents and Injuries

Making a claim following a car crash

It’s National Road Victim Month, a campaign organised by the RoadPeace charity to mark a month of remembrance for victims of road crashes while raising awareness of the importance of road safety, as five people are killed, and 60 people are seriously injured on Britain’s roads every day.

The charity selected August as the month of remembrance for their campaign to commemorate the lives of Bridget Driscoll, who was the first person to be killed by a motor vehicle in August 1896, and Princess Diana, who lost her life in a road traffic collision in August 1997, as well as the lives of the half a million people who have been killed on Britain’s roads since Bridget’s death.

At Hatch Brenner Solicitors we support the National Road Victim Month campaign to help raise awareness of road safety. According to the department of transport, August is one of the most dangerous months on the roads. This is due to the increased volume of traffic on our roads. This month many families are taking advantage of the warmer weather and there are often more cyclists and motorcyclists taking to the roads, traffic is heavier which results in more accidents.

What to do if you or a loved one are involved in a road traffic collision

If you find yourself, or a loved one, involved in a collision which you believe is cause for a claim, our specialist road traffic accident/collision solicitors can help you pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

Following the incident, you may find that your insurance company is keen to deal with your legal case. However, it is your right to decide who represents you in a compensation claim. If you have legal expenses insurance as part of your motor insurance policy, we can liaise with your insurer to ensure you are able to choose us as your nominated solicitor under that policy.

As well as physical injuries, you may suffer psychological problems associated with the accident. You may not be able to return to work for a while or need a hire car while your vehicle is being repaired. We will provide you with the right legal advice to deal with all aspects of your claim arising because of your road traffic collision.

Our team has successfully recovered damages for individuals who had elements of their injury previously overlooked (for example, a subtle head injury and chronic pain). Contact the team today to discuss your claim on 01603 660811 or email ali.masterson@hatchbrenner.co.uk.

Road traffic accident legal claim case studies

  • Our Claimant was an 89-year-old lady involved in a road traffic collision with another driver. She suffered quite nasty chest injuries but due to her age was keen on reaching an early settlement. Sadly, she had to give up her driving license as she did not feel confident enough to continue but the sum of £35,000 was recovered.
  • Road traffic collision claim where a Claimant suffered shoulder/neck injuries and recovered over £4,000 for his personal injury claim and other minor expenses.

Learn about the injustice crash victims face

Join on 31st August at 4pm for RoadPeace’s online “Voice of crash victims” webinar. It will explore why crash victims need more support than what is currently on offer and speaking to spokespeople of families who have had to fight for justice. All are welcome and you can register here for free.

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