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Six-figure sum following a life-changing accident at work


Author: Colin Cook

Accidents and Injuries, Brain Injury

Compensation for Roofer following an accident at work

Personal Injury specialist and Managing Partner at Hatch Brenner Solicitors, Colin Cook, settled a case for a claimant who suffered life-changing injuries following an accident at work on a construction site.

An Accident at Work

The Claimant, a Roofer, was working with the first Defendant, a self-employed roofing contractor, up scaffolding on a construction site. Later on the day of the accident, the Claimant descended from the roof to retrieve an item from his van. When he returned, he walked alongside the scaffold supporting the loading bay. The First Defendant threw a wooden pallet from the bay above, striking the Claimant's head and injuring him significantly and forcing him forward into a metal object within the building site. The Claimant was rendered unconscious and taken to the local hospital where he was kept under neurological observation for three days.

Injuries as a result of the accident

The Claimant sustained:

  • a traumatic brain injury,
  • post-traumatic amnesia,
  • a small haemorrhage,
  • audiovestibular (hearing), and
  • neuropsychiatric injury (impaired cognition, depression, anxiety

He was left with swelling and bruising to his hip, chest, and face with significant lacerations to his face.

The case

The Second Defendant, the employer of the First Defendant and Claimant, provided no substantive response to the allegations.

The Claimant, a fit and healthy 65-year-old who planned to work well into his Seventies, was left unable to work and requiring extensive rehabilitation. He instructed Colin Cook to pursue his claim.

Colin Cook consulted with expert advisors to ascertain the extent to which the Claimant required rehabilitation. Brain injury experts were engaged to provide reports on the Claimant's condition to support the claim.

The case was settled at £350,000.

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