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A civil partnership is legally ended by asking the court for a ‘dissolution order’ once the civil partnership has lasted for at least one year. As in Divorce proceedings, the court requires proof that the civil partnership has irretrievably broken down on a permanent basis, which can be due to:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Both parties to the civil partnership having lived apart for two years if both agree to the dissolution
  • Both parties to the civil partnership having lived apart for at least five years if only one party agrees to the dissolution
  • If one party deserted the other at least two years ago.

If both parties agree to the Dissolution, the court will review the papers and make a conditional order of Dissolution which is made final six weeks from the date of the conditional order.

How we can help

As in Divorce following the breakdown of a marriage, arrangements need to be agreed upon regarding finances, housing and any children in the relationship.

If you and your partner don’t agree to the Dissolution, or the best arrangements moving forward, we can help. We actively seek to resolve issues in a manner that minimises financial and emotional impact whether by agreement, through Mediation or through the court process.

Separation Order

If your civil partnership has lasted for less than a year, or you don’t want it to end, you can get a separation order to agree the details of how you want to separate. Read more about Separation Agreements here.

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