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Civil or commercial dispute? Choose us to mediate

Civil or commercial disputes could escalate into a court case. Early intervention by a mediator could give you a far more satisfactory – and cost-effective – solution.

Benefits of mediation

Court cases can be costly, time-consuming and uncertain. To help you save money and avoid stress, we have a mediation service that caters for civil and commercial cases.

Mediation acts as an early and effective intervention tool in a dispute, which could mean that you avoid going to court at all. Our mediator functions as an unbiased third party who can work with you and the other party to reach a commonsense solution that works for everyone.

We keep everything in the mediation process completely confidential. Anything you tell us will not be shared outside of the mediation process or with the other party unless you give permission.

Our mediation process

We offer mediation in civil and commercial disputes. Mediation is always voluntary, so both you and the other party need to agree to it.

In a civil or commercial mediation we strive to start the mediation process as soon as possible. We start by asking for any relevant documents and for a brief summary of the case. These documents will not be shared with the other party unless you agree.

The parties then attend our mediation suite in Norwich for the mediation itself. In most cases, you are in a separate room from the other party and the mediator switches between your rooms. Our mediator will continue to do this until settlement terms have been agreed upon.

In some cases, we may bring all parties into the same room, but this will only happen with everyone’s agreement.

If the mediation is successful, our mediator will write up a legally binding agreement for you.

Mediation in the Workplace

We also offer mediation services for workplace disputes. This includes disputes between co-workers doing the same job or issues between a worker and their line manager.

Our aim with workplace mediation is to provide you and your colleague with a platform upon which you can work harmoniously. If successful, an agreement will be drawn up. It is only morally binding, but as both you and your colleague had an input into the solution, it is more likely that you will both keep to it.

How does workplace mediation work?

If you would like us to provide mediation in your workplace, ask your HR department or employer to contact us. We know that mediation is most effective when done quickly, so we will arrange a mediation meeting within a few days.

Our mediation process typically takes less than two days, although it depends on how complex the case is.

We start by talking to each party separately and then we bring you together for a constructive discussion. This can be done in our office, at your workplace or at a neutral location of your choosing.

You and the other party will dictate the course of the discussions. If you wish, our mediator can give you suggestions that could help towards a solution. Once the issue is resolved, they will write up a morally binding agreement.

Our mediator

Becoming a mediator requires a special qualification. Mark Fitch is our qualified Dispute Resolution and Mediation Partner and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council. He has participated in more than 80 mediations since 2005.

Mark offers a professional yet personable service. Openness is crucial for successful mediation so he prides himself on being approachable and friendly. However, he is also able to be constructive and unbiased in his support and suggestions.

You can find out more about Mark by reading his profile page.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about our mediation service or meet our approachable team, you can drop into our office on Theatre Street in Norwich city centre. No appointment is necessary.

You are also welcome to call us on 01603 660 811 and we will answer any questions you may have.

Please contact Mark to discuss your specific requirements.

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