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Mediation in the Workplace

What is Mediation in the workplace?

Mediation in the workplace is a confidential and informal process where the independent third party, the mediator, works with people who have a disagreement with a working colleague to help them find their own solution and reach an agreement which will either sort out the problem or improve the situation. The mediator will not take sides or pass any judgment on who is right or wrong. Mediation is voluntary so both parties have to agree to give it a go.

What happens in workplace Mediation?

The mediator will usually start by talking to each of the parties separately so they can put across their point of view. The mediator will then bring the parties together to constructively discuss the issue with the aim of either resolving or improving the situation. This can be done at your place of work, at our Hatch Brenner office in Norwich, or elsewhere, for instance, a hotel.

If the parties find it helpful, the mediator can make suggestions on how the dispute could be resolved, but the mediator cannot tell the parties what to do or give any legal advice. The agreement on how to resolve the situation and work together going forward is entirely the decision of the parties involved. At the end of the mediation the parties will take away a written agreement which will be drawn up by the mediator. The agreement is only morally binding. Details of the written agreement can only be shared with the consent of both parties and no record of what is agreed or discussed at the mediation will go onto any employee's HR record.

What are the benefits of workplace Mediation?

  • It is quick; and can be arranged via your HR department within a few days. The mediation itself usually takes two days or less
  • It can be less stressful and expensive than a lengthy formal process
  • It is one of the most effective interventions at the early stages of conflict
  • Mediation aims to maintain and improve the working relationship

How is Mediation in the workplace arranged?

As an employee, you can ask your HR Department (or in a smaller firm, your employer) to make contact with us. Whilst our duty of confidentiality is owed to you, the employees in dispute, we are engaged by the firm or company that you work for. As mediation in the workplace grows, HR departments and employers will become more aware of this process and may well suggest it themselves

We are happy to provide further information to either employees who would like their employer to arrange Mediation, or an employer or HR department who is considering mediation in the workplace for a problem they have within their workforce. Call 01603 660 811 to speak to one of our approachable team members

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

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