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Your property is likely to be your biggest asset and, more importantly, your home. It is therefore essential that you are guided through your purchase by experienced and helpful lawyers.

How we can help

As the transaction progresses we will liaise with you at regular intervals, highlighting at an early stage any potential issues or problems that may have been identified. We provide you with up to date reports on the search results we receive or the legal title documents provided by the seller’s solicitor. We will also liaise with your mortgage lender and estate agents.

Once we receive satisfactory search results and replies to any enquiries we may raise with the seller’s solicitor, we provide you with a comprehensive report together with the contract for you to sign.

Following an exchange of contracts we will guide you towards completion of your purchase and following completion deal with submitting your Stamp Duty Land Tax Return and registering your purchase at the Land Registry.


Once you have received an offer on your home you will need to appoint a lawyer to draw up the contract and liaise with the buyer’s solicitor.

How we can help

We will send you forms and questionnaires for you to complete relating to the property which are designed to minimise the enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitors. It is important that these are completed as comprehensively as possible and returned to us together with any documentation requested. These will form the basis of the “Contract Pack” we send to the buyer’s solicitor.

Once the buyer’s solicitor has completed their legal title investigation and is happy to proceed, contracts will be exchanged and a completion date fixed. We will liaise with the estate agent and any mortgage lender and arrange for any mortgage to be redeemed and the agent’s bill paid upon completion. Our costs will also be deducted from the sale proceeds so you will not need to worry about paying anything out as we will deal with this for you.

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Leasehold Transactions

When you buy a leasehold property, you will not own the property outright and the lease will set out various rules, regulations and covenants which you must comply with.

We can guide you through the terms of your lease. It is important that we check to see how many years remain on the term of the lease as once the term is 70 years, or less the property can be difficult to mortgage. Where this is the case, it is important at an early stage to negotiate a lease extension with the seller.

When you sell a leasehold property it is important that a Leasehold Pack is ordered at an early stage as this provides the majority of the information which the buyer’s solicitor will require, such as service charge and ground rent invoices, three years worth of service charge accounts and insurance details. We can order the pack for you but you should budget up to £300.00 and the quicker this can be obtained the quicker the transaction will proceed. If you are behind in paying the ground rent and/or service charge this will need to be paid up to date upon completion and we will deal with this out of the sale proceeds.

New Build Purchases

When you purchase a new build property, it is often in the course of construction. If this is the case you are likely to be offered a completion date which is “on notice”. When this is offered, as soon as the property is structurally complete and has been signed off by Building Control, we are served with notice which will give us approximately two weeks to complete the transaction. This gives enough time for you and your lender to re-inspect the property and for you to liaise with the builder in respect of any “snagging” items which you will require them to put right. Please note that minor snagging cannot hold up a completion.

It is important, if you have a related sale, that the buyers of your property are aware that completion is to be on notice. It may be the case that you have to move into rented accommodation until your new build is ready if they or the rest of the chain are not prepared to wait.

It is usual for developers to require a swift exchange (usually 28 days from receipt of contract papers), and this will also affect any related sale which will probably need to exchange at the same time. You will need to ensure that your estate agent makes this clear to any buyers and liaises with the chain to achieve this. We will, of course, liaise with your buyer’s solicitor.

You will generally be provided with NHBC cover for ten years, or alternatively sometimes smaller developers will issue an Architect’s Certificate which generally is not as comprehensive as NHBC and covers the structure for approximately six years.

House developers are now, with the help of government initiatives, able to offer various forms of financing and ownership such as Help to Buy and Shared Ownership Schemes. We are able to assist you with these.

Download our Moving Home Fact Sheet below for a useful guide to the whole process. You can also read more about why you should choose Hatch Brenner for your conveyancing, or find further advice in the Eastern Daily Press Property pages.

Transparency in pricing

Please click the links below to view additional information regarding our costs and timescales for our Residential Property services in line with the Solicitors Regulation Authority Transparency Rules.

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