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Mythbusters guide to: Personal Injury Claims

Myth #1

You can give me an immediate valuation of what my personal injury claim is worth

No. Some firms and claims management companies publish recognised guidelines for valuing injury claims but without the necessary evidence this information is next to useless. The best lawyers won’t give you a valuation immediately because they know from experience that it depends upon a multitude of factors involved in your case. Be wary of anyone who does.

Myth #2

The legal costs of a personal injury claim will be too high

Most lawyers will act on a no win, no fee basis, even solicitors under your legal expenses insurance. Some cases attract a success fee of up to 25% of the value of your past losses. We try to avoid raising direct charges with clients, especially in higher value complex cases where a final settlement sum needs to last a lifetime. We offer a free no-obligation meeting to set out your options.

Myth #3

Your personal injury claim is too complex or unusual

We have extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims ranging from low value soft tissue injury claims to catastrophic life changing brain injury cases. The types of case we handle are wide ranging and have involved car accidents, accidents at work, accidents abroad, assaults, accidents involving land or property, defective products and medical negligence cases.

Myth #4

The responsible party doesn’t have insurance, so I can’t claim

No. Insurance can often be the best route to receiving a guaranteed payer in an injury claim but it is not essential. There are various schemes for dealing with uninsured or untraced drivers, disease claims, criminal acts of violence and claims involving the MOD. If none of these apply, then the individual or organisation at fault may have resources to satisfy a claim.

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