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Compensation claims resulting from an assault often present challenges and frequently involve the most serious of injuries. A number of our clients with brain injuries developed their condition as a result of an unprovoked attack.

Quite often there is no insurance cover available to compensate the victim, although there can be some exceptions.

How to claim compensation for assault

You must have reported the crime to the police before you start legal proceedings – and in many cases, the incident must have occurred within the past two years.

A specialist assault solicitor will help you to put your case together, seeking eyewitness evidence if necessary, before filing a complaint with the courts. Our team can also advise on the amount of compensation you should seek based on your injuries and the impact these have on your life.

How we can help with your assault compensation claim

We can help you make a claim against your assailant and help you to determine if they have the means to pay compensation following a successful claim. We can also advise you on pursuing a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, (“CICA”), which has its own particular rules.

The CICA Scheme is designed so you never have to face your assailant when making a claim.

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

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