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Children’s Accidents

It is every parent’s worst nightmare for their child to be involved in an accident. If your child or baby has been injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, as their parent or guardian you can make a personal injury claim for compensation for their injuries.

As experienced child injury lawyers who handle children’s accident claims, we’ve seen the devastating effect they can have on family life. We handle these cases with care and sensitivity; building trusting relationships with children and families that often span many years.

Special rules apply when compensation is awarded to a child. One key feature is that a Court must approve the compensation award on behalf of the child, even if it is agreed between the parties. A judge has the responsibility to consider the terms of settlement to ensure they are reasonable and proper for the child.

The Court must also decide how the child’s compensation fund should be invested. This can be complex in higher value claims and our solicitors, including former Morgan Jones Pett experts Sara Westwood and Simon Bransby, have specific expertise in handling child injury compensation cases.

Legally, once a child has turned 18 they have three years to pursue a claim for compensation if it wasn’t done for them while they were a minor.

A parent or guardian making a claim for compensation on behalf of an injured minor is referred to as a ‘litigation friend’. The litigation friend must be independent. If a parent was to blame for the accident (perhaps they were driving and their child was a passenger in the car), they cannot act as their litigation friend.

Examples of children’s accident claims:

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