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Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accident claims can involve anything from the most minor of bumps to catastrophic accidents resulting in life-changing injuries. Whatever your case, our road traffic accident solicitors can help you pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.

Sometimes it might not be clear-cut as to who is responsible for the collision and therefore it is important to instruct an experienced car accident solicitor to advise on your claim.

Your rights to a specialist road accident solicitor

If you or your loved one have been involved in a road traffic accident, you will probably find that your insurance company is keen to deal with your legal case. However, it is your right, and yours alone, to decide who represents you in a compensation claim. If you have legal expenses insurance as part of your motor insurance policy, we can liaise with your insurer to ensure you are able to choose us as your nominated solicitor under that policy.

As well as physical injuries, you may suffer psychological problems associated with the accident. You may also be unable to return to work for a while or need a hire car while your vehicle is being repaired. We will provide you with the right legal advice to deal with all aspects of your claim arising as a result of your road traffic accident.

We understand that for many people it is not just about compensation. You may require early rehabilitation to assist with your recovery, or need support dealing with an inquest if someone died in the accident. Whatever support you need, our team of experienced road traffic accident solicitors will guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Our team now includes former Morgan Jones Pett specialist personal injury experts Sara Westwood and Simon Bransby, who work alongside Colin Cook and Pasha Alnadaf.

Examples of road traffic accident claims:

  • Accidents involving children
  • Accidents that occur on roundabouts, at traffic lights, junctions or on motorways
  • Road traffic accidents involving pedestrians
  • Road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists/cyclists
  • Deaths arising from road traffic collisions, including representation at Inquests

How our road accident solicitors can help you

We can advise on very simple or very complicated cases. Your case will always be dealt with by a member of our experienced and qualified team, who are able to provide you with the best legal advice. We deal with:

  • Cases with a value of under £25,000 via the online portal system
  • Motor Insurance Bureau Uninsured Driver cases
  • Motor Insurance Bureau Untraced Driver cases
  • Cases where a vehicle has been used as a deadly weapon
  • Cases involving foreign drivers or driving abroad
  • Catastrophic cases involving damages claims valued at more than £25,000
  • Cycling cases
  • Pedestrian claims

Our expertise

Road traffic cases are often considered the most simple and straightforward cases. Our road accident solicitors have, on many occasions, acted on behalf of individuals dissatisfied with an outcome to contest the way in which claims have been handled by their own insurer panel firms. Our team has also successfully recovered damages for individuals who had elements of their injury previously overlooked (for example, a subtle head injury and chronic pain).

Road traffic accident legal claim case studies

Former construction worker secures six-figure settlement
A former construction worker obtained a six-figure settlement following a road traffic accident. The Claimant (“C”) was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by the Defendant. The Defendant lost control of the vehicle at high speed that subsequently rolled. C was particularly strong having undertaken much weight training before his accident. He relied upon his significant strength and fitness levels to earn his living undertaking a very physically demanding job. It was C’s case that, as a result of the lasting soft tissue injuries he sustained in the accident, he was prevented from undertaking very heavy manual work, but in all other aspects of everyday life he was able to function and remained physically fitter than many in everyday society.

The Defendant challenged the case on the basis that C had no restriction, and argued that his case was worth no more than £25,000. In doing so the Defendant undertook a forensic analysis of C’s past work and social history together with making detailed enquires into his post-accident activities, although surveillance evidence was not adduced.

Settlement was agreed upon before the case came to trial.

Claimant sustaining mild traumatic brain injury recovers a six-figure settlement
The Claimant (“C”) was involved in a high-velocity road traffic collision. C's vehicle was T-boned, which led to him experiencing significant rotational forces which contributed to his injuries. It was C's case that as a consequence of the accident, he sustained soft tissue injuries and lasting mild traumatic brain injury, psychological injury and a disabling vestibular disorder. Whilst liability was admitted, the Defendant (“D”) challenged the case on the basis that C did not sustain a mild traumatic brain injury, disputing the usual markers for such a diagnosis set out in the MAYO criteria. Further, D argued that any audiovestibular disorder could be accounted for by vestibular neuritis associated with a heavy cold C experienced shortly after the accident.

Despite his disabling symptoms, C, an engineer employed in the food production industry, managed to retain his job, although adjustments were made to his role at work. He was, however, unable to continue enjoying his pre-accident hobbies of clay pigeon shooting and flying model helicopters.

Funding was arranged for a rehabilitation program which was implemented through a local case management company. This enabled C to access the country's very best clinical neuro specialists which aided in the selection of appropriate medication and treatment both before and during the pandemic.

C presented his case by adopting a Conner v Bradman Ogden analysis of his lost future earning capacity. Again, this was disputed by D.

As is common in such cases, a multi-disciplinary approach was taken by the parties when addressing the medicine.

Settlement was agreed between the parties for a six-figure sum before trial.

Partner and Personal Injury specialist, Colin Cook acted for both Claimants. He can be contacted via colincook@hatchbrenner.co.uk or call 01603 660 811.

Road Traffic Collisions
Our Claimant was an 89-year-old lady involved in a road traffic accident with another driver. She suffered quite nasty chest injuries but due to her age was keen on reaching an early settlement. Sadly, she had to give up her driving license as she did not feel confident enough to continue but the sum of £35,000 was recovered.

Road traffic accident claim where a Claimant suffered shoulder/neck injuries and recovered over £4,000 for his personal injury claim and other minor expenses.

    Chartered Legal Executive Simon Bransby acted for both Claimants. He can be contacted via simonbransby@hatchbrenner.co.uk.

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