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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Lawyers, insurers, the courts and the medical profession all agree that rehabilitation plays a key part in the brain injury recovery process. We are committed to securing early brain injury rehabilitation for our clients wherever possible. This might involve treatment not otherwise available through the NHS.

How we can help with brain injury rehabilitation

Working with insurers, we can often obtain access to rehabilitation via:

  • The Rehabilitation Code
  • Interim payments
  • Court orders obtained on behalf of the client, particularly if insurers fail to cooperate in providing either rehabilitation or interim payments as identified above.

What is involved?

Many insurers abide by the voluntary Rehabilitation Code. This is designed to provide early treatment so victims of brain injury can get back on their feet as soon as possible. This benefits everyone involved.

Abiding by The Rehabilitation Code usually means a client submitting to an Immediate Needs Assessment. This is where rehabilitation needs are addressed and a plan is put in action to provide the necessary treatment.

The situation can be more complicated when insurers fail to cooperate with The Rehabilitation Code. Steps can be taken to secure treatment on either a deferred payment basis or by court-imposed interim payment awards.

Our expertise

Our clients are regularly involved in rehabilitation schemes put in place with the agreement of insurers. We monitor these to ensure that the client’s best interests are represented at all times.

Rehabilitation schemes can be as basic as the implementation of physiotherapy or as complicated as putting brain injury case managers and support workers in place, involving a complete rehabilitation care regime costing tens of thousands of pounds.

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

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