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Disciplinary and Grievance Issues

If you have been invited to attend disciplinary or performance-related proceedings by your employer, there are certain procedures that should be followed and you should be given an opportunity to fully state your case. However, you may be worried about how to respond to particular allegations and/or what might happen as a result of the proceedings.

How we can help

We can advise you of the process that should be followed and what the possible outcomes could be. We can consider whether you are being judged against reasonable and consistent standards and given a real opportunity to improve. If appropriate, we can contact your employer on your behalf to attempt to resolve the matter by way of a settlement.

What’s involved

If you are unhappy at work, the first step in protecting your position is to raise a clear and compelling grievance. If your employer has a policy confirming how grievances should be presented, you need to make sure that you comply with those requirements.

We can assist you in drafting a grievance letter, which can lead to an effective and immediate result. We can advise you as to the process that your employer should follow and whether or not the proposed resolution is appropriate.

If your employer cannot or will not resolve your grievance to your satisfaction, we can advise what further action you can take. As the grievance is usually the basis for any case against your employer, it is important to ensure that you take a robust but reasonable approach.

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

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