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Maternity and Parental Rights

Having a child is an exciting time but it can also raise various issues in relation to your employment, including:

  • Making sure you are safe at work during pregnancy
  • Arranging time off for appointments
  • Leave
  • Pay and benefits
  • Your role and working hours when you return after a period of leave

How we can help

There are a range of family friendly rights and entitlements available to employees, but the rules as to how these apply can be complex. We can guide you through the processes and requirements relating to shared parental and adoption leave, plus requests for flexible working.

We also have experience in dealing with pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims, whether due to detrimental treatment when a pregnancy is announced or in relation to the challenge of balancing childcare arrangements with working life and career development upon your return from maternity leave. We can support you in pursuing the compensation you are entitled to if your employer does not genuinely encourage equality.

If you need advice relating to your rights as a parent or you are being treated differently due to pregnancy or maternity, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance.

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements

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