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Significant advances have been made over the years in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer; however, medical negligence claims surrounding the treatment of cancer patients is sadly one of the most common types of medical negligence claim. A diagnosis of cancer is not only devastating for individuals but also their families. This feeling of devastation can be compounded if delays in diagnosis and treatment have a detrimental effect on the prognosis.

Medical negligence claims for the treatment of cancer can be complex. They involve analysing the treatment by GPs when evaluating symptoms, or scrutiny of the care given by oncologists, radiologists and surgeons. These cases often rely on robust independent medical evidence that considers the consequences of the negligence. The strength of this evidence is important as it helps in valuing the amount of compensation awarded.

Our expert medical negligence lawyers, including former Morgan Jones Pett experts Sara Westwood and Simon Bransby, provide sensitive and timely legal advice to people with mistreated cancer claims.

If the cancer is late diagnosed, undiagnosed or improper treatment has been given, you may be able to claim compensation. Get in touch with our expert lawyers to see how we can help.

Examples of cancer claims

  • Failure by a GP to recognise symptoms and refer a patient to cancer specialists
  • Failings in screening programmes
  • Samples wrongly interpreted by pathologists
  • Inadequate surgery to fully remove tumours
  • Poor palliative care
  • Wrong diagnosis of cancer leading to unnecessary treatment

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