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Eye Treatment and Surgery

Most people are used to visiting their optician regularly for a check-up, and they can expect to receive the same expert treatment and care as they would from a doctor. That high standard of care applies whether they receive their treatment privately, or through the NHS.

Although you expect to come away from your optician with a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses, your optician may tell you that there are signs of more serious issues. Conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment and brain or optic nerve tumours can show up during an eye test.

If your optician fails to diagnose these conditions the consequences can be very serious – often resulting in permanent damage or loss of eyesight. Claims arise where opticians or optometrists fail to identify key symptoms and refer patients to specialist professionals for treatment.

Optician Negligence Specialists

We are experienced in dealing with all types of ophthalmic and optician negligence. We can help you prove that the care you received was negligent. This gives you the best possible chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.

If you believe your optician or ophthalmologist was negligent, please get in touch to discuss your case with one of our experienced lawyers.

Examples of eye treatment and eye surgery claims:

  • Delays in referring patients to an ophthalmic surgeon
  • Negligence when performing cataract surgery
  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment of tears to the retina or retinal detachment
  • Negligent performance of laser eye surgery and failure to fully inform about the risks of a procedure
  • Delay or failure to diagnose eye cancer
  • Delay in diagnosing and treating eye infections
  • Incorrect prescriptions leading to long-term eye problems

Eye treatment and surgery claims case studies

Bilateral ptosis (droopy eyelid)

In 2004 Mrs J developed a dropping of the eyelids and blepharospasm (an involuntary contraction of one of the muscles that control the eyelids, causing them to close). In December 2005 Mrs J was diagnosed with bilateral ptosis (droopy eyelid), blepharitis (where the rims of the eyelids become inflamed), lower lid laxity and blepharospasm. Mrs J underwent surgery on the 6th April 2006, during which time she suffered a severe thermal burn to the left cornea, by reason of the hospital’s failure to take sufficient steps to safeguard the cornea from the risk of a thermal burn and had negligently allowed the hot probe to come into contact with and burn the cornea. With our assistance, the case settled for £12,000.

Delay in Detached Retina Diagnosis

Sara Westwood acted for a client who had previously suffered a retinal detachment so was aware of the signs and symptoms. She saw her optician for a routine review at which time she informed him of a shadow in her vision that had been present for some time. This wasn’t thought to be anything serious. She returned to her optician less than two months later as she was concerned about a very sudden deterioration in the vision of her right eye. Our client was concerned she may be suffering another detachment but she was reassured this wasn’t the case. She was seen again four months later by which time her symptoms had deteriorated further. She was told a referral to hospital could be made. A referral was made after another three months and the consultant confirmed she had a detached retina and unfortunately the prognosis was poor for her vision given the length of time it had been detached. She did have surgery but her sight remains impaired. Simple investigations which could have been performed, to confirm the suspicion of a problem requiring referral, were not performed resulting in a significant delay in being seen at hospital and treated.

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