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Gynaecology Claims

Claims involving obstetrics and gynaecology negligence are hugely personal and often distressing and complex. Injuries can arise from different types of gynaecological treatments including contraception procedures, termination of pregnancy, hysterectomy, failed sterilisation and pelvic floor repairs.

The consequences of negligent surgery and treatment can be long-lasting and devastating. Women can be left incontinent or with irreversible damage to internal organs.

Specialist Gynaecology Negligence Solicitors

Partner Sara Westwood, formerly of Morgan Jones Pett, is highly experienced in this field. She handles cases of gynaecological negligence with sensitivity and compassion, ensuring she gets the best possible outcome for her clients.

Whether that involves helping you to get the corrective surgery you need to make your life better or pursuing the very best compensation for pain and suffering, Sara can help. Call her for a free, confidential consultation about your case.

Examples of gynaecology claims

  • Vaginal mesh
  • Damage following gynaecological surgical procedures including: hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal and laparoscopic sterilisation.
  • Perforated uterus when an intrauterine device is fitted
  • Misdiagnosis of third and fourth-degree perineal/vaginal tears
  • Delay or failure to diagnose endometriosis
  • Failed sterilisation

Gynaecology Medical Negligence Case Study

Failure to identify bladder injury following mesh tape procedure

The Claimant suffered with stress incontinence (the inability to control the urge to urinate) for which she underwent a TVT (tension-free vaginal tape) procedure. This involves a mesh tape being placed under the urethra like a sling or hammock to keep it in its normal position. The tape is inserted through tiny incisions in the abdomen and vaginal wall.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up that the tape had passed through the bladder (this isn’t in itself negligent but the failure to identify the injury to the bladder is). She suffered significant pain and discomfort and had to undergo a further three procedures to remove the tape. Her gynaecology negligence claim was settled for the sum of £19,000.

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