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Nursing and Care Home Claims

As the population of the UK gets older, the need for nursing and care homes grows. It is predicted that by 2027 nearly 21% of the population will be over the age of 65. Whilst improvements in standards of living and medical advancements mean that people are living longer, physical and mental infirmity means it is often not possible for people to live independently in their own homes. Instead, they need the help of professionals, turning to nursing or care homes to be looked after.

Despite being a highly regulated industry, the standard of care given in nursing and care homes can vary wildly. It is not uncommon for standards to fall below what is expected of care homes which can give rise to compensation claims.

These types of claims are often not straight forward. Clients invariably have existing health problems, and if there is a question mark over a person’s mental capacity to handle their own affairs, then it is important to ensure that the correct legal processes are followed to allow family members or an appropriate professional to represent their best interests.

Our expert and professional lawyers have experience of handling these claims and provide a warm and friendly service to clients seeking compensation for injuries and other losses arising out of care home negligence. Our Hatch Brenner team was strengthened in 2020 when Sara Westwood and Simon Bransby joined from Morgan Jones Pett.

Examples of nursing and care home claims:

  • Pressure ulcers (pressure sores) claims
  • Injuries and fractures arising from trips or falls
  • Injuries from improper handling of a patient
  • Malnutrition
  • Errors in administering medication

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