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Surgical Claims

Most of us require surgery at some point in our lives and although most operations are successful, mistakes amounting to negligence do occur. Whether you have undergone surgery in an NHS medical facility or privately, you are entitled to receive correct treatment from a trained and skilful surgical team.

A surgical error may occur because of an oversight or a lapse in concentration, or because safety procedures have not been followed.

It is not just the surgeons whose care may have fallen below an acceptable standard. It can also apply to nurses, anaesthetists or other support staff where the management is found to have fallen below an acceptable standard.

Examples of surgical negligence claims:

  • Damage to the bowel, other organs, blood vessels or nerves during surgery
  • Damage to the bile duct during a gallbladder procedure
  • Failure to recognise and treat complications of surgery.

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Surgical negligence claim case studies

Suspected Appendicitis

Mr W was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. During the operation, a section of his bowel was found to have an inadequate blood supply, but the decision was taken to treat this conservatively, rather than to remove it. He was discharged from hospital only to be readmitted as a hole had appeared in the damaged part of the bowel, which caused faeces to leak out, resulting in peritonitis and gangrene. He underwent a further operation and following this surgery he developed significant incisional hernias. The symptoms from these, and his bowel surgery, left him unable to work and requiring significant care. His claim settled in the sum of £550,000.00.

Negligent Surgery

Ms G was admitted to hospital with a painful hip. It was suspected she had a deep vein thrombosis, but this was ruled out following a scan and she was discharged. She was readmitted the following day and diagnosed with a very serious infection, called necrotising fasciitis. She underwent surgery, but this was performed negligently, in that the surgeon did not take steps to protect the major blood vessels which were at risk of damage due to the serious infection. One of the arteries had ruptured causing a massive haemorrhage and Ms G suffered a cardiac arrest and sadly died. A claim was made on behalf of her estate and the claim settled for £27,500.00.

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