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ABI Week: Hatch Brenner Solicitors supports Headway Norfolk and Waveney as they focus on Memory Loss


Author: Colin Cook

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ABI Week 2020 Memory Loss Headway UK

Hatch Brenner Solicitors focuses on memory loss with Headway the brain injury association

Hatch Brenner Solicitors on Theatre Street is supporting their long-term community partner Headway Norfolk and Waveney the brain injury association, to help raise awareness of the devastating impact of Memory Loss through ABI Week 2020.

Their ‘Campaign to Remember’ during ABI Week is running from 28 September – 4 October. Headway has launched an emotional animated video as part of the campaign highlighting both the complex effects of memory loss but also the UK-wide support available to those affected and their families.

Focusing on the story of Tony, who lost his memory after suffering a car accident aged 27, the video aims to increase understanding and raise awareness of the hidden impact of memory loss following a brain injury. It was produced in response to survey findings by Headway that 72% of brain injury survivors felt the people in their life did not understand their memory problems.

Colin Cook, Hatch Brenner Partner and brain injury legal specialist commented: “Having acted for clients with a range of brain injuries, we know that memory loss is an all too familiar and predominant feature of brain injury. From being used as an early diagnostic tool to determine the period of post traumatic amnesia (and retrograde amnesia) to learning coping strategies to deal with issues arising from memory loss, early access to focussed rehabilitation is key to better long term outcomes. The memory loss campaign during ABI Week is an important opportunity to spread the message and promote understanding in the wider public. We are proud to continue to support Headway Norfolk and Waveney in their work.”

Laura Jones, Chief Executive of Headway Norfolk & Waveney added: “Many thanks to the brain injury legal team at Hatch Brenner Solicitors for their continued support. The impact of memory problems on an acquired brain injury survivors’ life and relationships is one of the most common concerns we come across with those contacting us for support. We are here for anyone affected by brain injury in the local community and work to promote independence, provide rehabilitation support and increase understanding of brain injury.”

View the Headway ‘Campaign to Remember’ video:

Read the full Headway Memory Loss survey results: The impact of memory loss on people with brain injury

Hatch Brenner is approved as a specialist brain injury solicitor in the Headway Head Injury Solicitor Directory. Colin Cook is also sits on the board of trustees for Headway Norfolk and Waveney. If you or a loved one has suffered an acquired brain injury and are looking for legal advice, please contact our experienced team via 01603 660 811 or colincook@hatchbrenner.co.uk.

Infographic the impact of memory problems on people with brain injury

Headway Infographic: the impact of memory problems on people with brain injury

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