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Law firm reputation key in clients’ choice of Conveyancing Solicitor



Recent research undertaken by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Economic Research has found that a law firm’s reputation counts for more than cost in choosing a conveyancer. As reported in the Law Society Gazette, only 6% of clients select a Solicitor on the basis that they were the cheapest. The majority, nearly three quarters, selected a conveyancer following a recommendation from an acquaintance or intermediary.

Those surveyed cited the reputation of a firms (42%), ahead of cost (32%) as the most important factors in choosing a provider, followed by location (26%) and a personal recommendation (22%). 

Glenn Ward, Conveyancing Executive at Hatch Brenner Solicitors on Theatre Street in Norwich commented: “It is great to see reputation and expertise championed via these survey results. Our residential property team has many years combined experience, particularly with complex and non-standard areas including un-registered titles, leasehold, overage agreements and sales of plots. Our client feedback consistently says that clients value the high levels of service we offer, and the additional time we take to really manage a transaction to completion. Many of our clients are repeat customers, or those who have been recommended by friends or family who have had a positive experience with us. Our efficient and experienced approach ensures progress is made and helps to minimise the costs for our clients.”

In response to the research, the Law Society commented that getting the right information at the right time and in the right way is vital to making an informed choice about legal services. Consumers value quality, skill and peace of mind as well as price.

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Glenn Ward Conveyancing Executive

Glenn Ward, Conveyancing Executive, Hatch Brenner

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