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The High Court has approved a £4.78m settlement for 26-year-old motorcycle head injury crash victim


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The Hon. Mr Justice Dingemans, a judge of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, recently approved a £4.78m settlement for a 26-year-old motorcycle head injury crash victim who was left with enduring behavioural symptoms. Hatch Brenner Solicitors on Theatre Street in Norwich represented the victim; instructing Barrister Marcus Grant of Temple Garden Chambers to represent him in the High Court.

The victim was an apprentice vehicle diagnostician when he had the accident aged 20. He was left with ‘dysexecutive syndrome’ which is a group of symptoms resulting from brain damage that occur together and can inhibit executive brain function like planning, abstract thinking, flexibility and behavioural control.

Solicitor Colin Cook, Hatch Brenner Partner and Brain Injury expert commented: “We are delighted to have settled this case on behalf of our young client. While the neuropsychological test scores of the victim were unremarkable, after six years of rehabilitation following the accident, the patient was still unable to maintain employment due to his associated symptoms affecting the judgement centre in his brain. His settlement will enable him to have the necessary support and assistance over the remainder of his life.

“We often see the subtle symptoms in the years following a brain injury putting great stress on the victim and their family and friends. With the assistance and encouragement of his wife and mother, and by learning strategies to cope from his support workers, the victim hopes to continue to gain greater independence over time.”

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Colin Cook - Dispute Resolution Solicitor in Norwich

Colin Cook, Hatch Brenner Partner and Brain Injury expert

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