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Accident at Work Claims

If you sustain an injury at work, you might pursue an accident-at-work claim. Our team of solicitors have experience in this area of law and can help you make a successful claim.

Your employer has a legal obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. Employers have a duty to assess the risks in the workplace and to provide training on how to deal with those risks. These are obligations that employers often get wrong.

Accidents in the workplace can occur in a variety of ways. The most common types of accidents at work relate to manual handling or falls. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) more than 693,000 during 2019/20. The accidents affected a wide range of professions, from nurses to construction workers; office workers to farmers.

Accidents at work are a common occurrence but, when serious, can have a big impact on an individual’s financial circumstances, resulting in an immediate drop in income. The ability to pay everyday household bills can quickly become difficult.

Many clients feel nervous and uncomfortable pursuing a claim for compensation against their employer. However, your employer will have employer’s liability insurance, which should cover your employer if you make a claim. The claim will be handled by the insurers rather than your own employer.

For low-value claims, an online system has been introduced by the government to make dealing with claims worth up to £25,000 both quick and cost-effective.

How to claim for an accident at work

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, it’s important to seek medical attention. However, once this has happened, make sure the event is reported to your manager and recorded in your company’s accident book.

If the injury results in an inability to work or undertake your normal activities, it’s important to seek professional legal advice. A solicitor can explain how the compensation process works and the next steps.

How long does it take to claim for an accident at work?

There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on the nature of your claim and the circumstances involved. However, our legal team can give you an approximate time frame after an initial discussion.

Typically, simple cases with minor injuries can be resolved within the year. More complex cases may take two years or more.

How we can help you make a claim for accident-at-work compensation

If you have suffered an accident at work, we can guide you through this period of uncertainty and help you recover the appropriate amount of compensation in relation to your injury to safeguard your financial future.

We have a wide range of experience in handling employer’s liability cases including the following types of cases:

  • Slips/trips
  • Manual handling
  • Working at height
  • Defective work equipment
  • Defective work environment
  • Handling dangerous substances
  • Subcontractors
  • Construction sites
  • Fatal injuries

Our team comprises experienced Personal Injury Specialist Colin Cook and Litigation Executive Pasha Alnadaf, alongside former Morgan Jones Pett injury claim specialists Solicitor Sara Westwood and Chartered Legal Executive Simon Bransby.

Accident at work legal claims case studies

Claimant injured by horse in stables

The Claimant was working at an animal charity and suffered an accident when one of the horses came into contact with her, whilst she was feeding it. Initially, liability was denied but by making a careful analysis of the accident and ways in which the employer could have avoided the situation, a firm case was put back to the insurers who then admitted responsibility. The medical evidence was quite tricky on the case, but a compromise was reached which the Claimant was very happy with.

Claimant seriously injured at work when a piece of equipment failed.

Six figures compensation recovered for pain and suffering and care whilst Claimant stayed with his parents. The majority of the claim was made up of future loss of earnings, and pension and surgery costs but in addition, the Claimant had previously worked as a painter and decorator and therefore was quite skilled in his DIY abilities and a claim was made for past and future costs relating to this.

Prison Officer injured in accident at work

The Claimant was a serving prison officer and moving a prisoner from a cell. Whilst doing so his supervising officer, who was not part of the manoeuvre, fell onto my client’s back. He had to give up work on the front line at the age of only 29. He lost his career and a job that he loved. The Ministry of Justice fiercely denied liability and the case went to trial. After two full days of evidence, and only minutes before Judgment was due to be handed down, a settlement was reached. Whilst unable to provide details regarding the terms of the settlement, the Claimant client was very satisfied with the outcome.

Accident at Work

The Claimant was working with a driver in collecting patients for transporting to a daycare centre when on two separate occasions the driver failed to wait until she was seated and pulled away. On both occasions, the Claimant fell and injured herself. She recovered compensation of £12,000 for her pain and suffering, loss of earnings, travel and help with domestic chores.

Chartered Legal Executive Simon Bransby represented the Claimant. He can be contacted via simonbransby@hatchbrenner.co.uk or call 01603 660 811.

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