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Accidents in a Public Place

All manner of accidents occur in public places. While the most common are trips, slips and falls, accidents can take place in a variety of different ways.

Owners of property have a legal duty to maintain the safety of lawful visitors to their property and if an accident could have been avoided you might be entitled to damages as a result.

Whether you have tripped on a paving slab or slipped in the supermarket, we can advise you on the merits of your claim and act on your behalf to get the best possible outcome. We will gather witness evidence about the accident circumstances, as well as medical evidence from suitable experts who can comment on the extent and long-term impact of any injuries.

Even if you believe you may have contributed in some way to your accident, you may still be entitled to compensation, provided we can show that someone else was partly to blame. It is important to speak to us as soon as you can to ensure the timely gathering of witness evidence that will help your case.

Examples of accidents in public places:

  • Supermarket spillages
  • Falls on icy pavements
  • Trips on uneven paths or road surfaces
  • Falls in a hospital, shop, leisure centre or train station

Most property is covered by public liability insurance. That means most public injury claims are directed towards an insurance company rather than the individual property owner.

Public property such as a footpath or road is usually maintained by the local authority and any accident arising as a result of defects are made against the council. The local authority has a statutory duty to maintain public roads and footpaths. There are cases of individuals successfully suing councils for uneven pavements.

Case studies

Crush injury at an MOT testing station

The Claimant suffered quite a nasty crush injury when he was at an MOT testing station. A ramp was lowered onto his feet causing crush injuries. Fortunately, although the Claimant had quite nasty injuries the Claimant was still able to walk. His loss of earnings was quite tricky to work out due to previous accidents and medical history. The medical evidence was difficult due to several pre-existing medical issues and the possibility of needing surgery on his feet. Eventually a not insubstantial amount of compensation was recovered for the Claimant.

Hand injury on a poorly maintained public highway

The Claimant suffered a nasty hand injury when she tripped on a highway which was not maintained property by Norfolk County Council. The Council denied liability, but we backed the case and having started Court proceedings the Council backed down and admitted responsibility. The Claimant had a subtle ongoing problem which meant that her career as a photographer, which she had always enjoyed, would not be possible to continue. She recovered compensation for the losses she suffered as a photographer but was fortunately well skilled and able to carry out other work reducing the value of the case that the Council had to meet. A good settlement was reached which the Claimant was happy with.

Our expertise

Our Accidents and Injuries team is experienced in seeking compensation for accidents in public places. They will liaise with insurance companies to pursue claims successfully.

We were delighted to welcome Sara Westwood and Simon Bransby, formerly at Morgan Jones Pett, into the Hatch Brenner team in October 2020.

Please contact one of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

Morgan Jones Pett Solicitors

Morgan Jones Pett have joined the Hatch Brenner Solicitors team.

‘Simon's drive and passion to deliver a truly professional service is second to none. He has an amazingly calm manner, an empathetic nature and a unique ability to deal with extremely challenging situations. Simon's patience was undoubtedly tested when dealing with my case but his dedication, perseverance and strong determination to succeed shone through. I was guided every step of the way and had total confidence that my case was in safe hands. I struck gold when I found Simon.’

‘Highly recommended.’

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